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3 reasons why our OFW Loved Ones can’t send Money in a Snap

There are instances when our loved ones who are working abroad can’t send money back to the Philippines. Especially during times of emergencies, being short of funds is nerve wracking not only for us here but for them more so. Even though there are fast release OFW loan that you can avail here with no hassle, you shouldn’t be dismissive of how it also pains our OFW loved ones to not be able to provide for us during certain times. Some narrow-minded people will think that they are only holding out on us without considering these things:

Recently Paying for Necessities

There are many things that an OFW will need to process before getting a job and most of these aren’t free. Actually, a lot of the processing involve expensive fees not to mention, airfare costs a lot. This is truer for OFWs who’ve only recently flown to their overseas work. They are very likely to have only pocket money and with debts waiting to be paid at home.

Payroll is Different

Even if your beloved OFW has been around for quite some time now, it doesn’t mean they have money on hand they can instantly send out. Aside from needing a couple of months to regain financial footing, it could also be possible that they are being paid in cycles that are different to ours. So countries have payroll cycles that are only once a month. One good thing is that there are OFW fast release loans that they can apply from overseas with little hassle.

Slow Remittance Channels

Thanks to technology, there are more ways to send money and more quickly but not all channels are available to our OFWs which could be dependent on the country they are in or their personal sending preference. Some old sending methods like door-to-door sending might take days.

It might be prudent to always be mindful of how they are doing and how they feel. In cases of extreme financial need, you can also avail of an OFW loan. They are fast release and hassle free. You just need to apply for Special Power of Attorney and get a DFA authentication, more popularly known as “red ribbon” and your family can get a loan named to your OFW relative.

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