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Note To Self: Dare To Defy Norms, Consider New Options in Growing A Business

While it can never go back to its old form, our professional lives are bound to embrace its newer normal. Now that more offices have opened their doors into a modified version of their operations, we have actually started being deeply dedicated to our professional duties again.  But, let us not forget these simple reminders about the lessons that the pandemic taught us, as shared by young entrepreneurs.

Be kind, grateful

“The lockdown was a nightmare dressed like a long vacation,” said Kenneth, a 38-year old business owner.  He added that watching people leave the company because of delayed salary was the most painful.

“I had to shell out my personal money, as well as borrow from banks in order to augment the broken cash flows during the last two quarters of 2020. I almost lost hope, but hearing kind words from staying employees about how they understand the situation of the company makes me energized a little bit more.”

Kenneth boasts that openness with his employees and diplomacy were his only ample resources during those difficult times.

“Sabi ko sa sarili ko noon gusto ko na ulit sumaya ng lubusan.  Tama lang ang desisyon ko to hold on to the vision and mission of my company.  Nagpapasalamat ako sa mga tumulong na makatawid kami hanggang sa kasalukuyan.”

Kenneth recalls about his experience during last Christmas where he felt empty-pocketed because all his savings were used in giving out 13th month pay to employees. “Madalas, you should be willing to sacrifice as the company owner, especially if it is for the benefit of your team.”

According to Kenneth, 2021 started on a better footing. The company owner maximized his land title into using it as a collateral for a non-bank loan.

Choose your battle

For Jenna, 34, it’s all about choosing the battle to fight for every single day.

“More than ever, we’ve realized how important it is to take care of our mental health with or without a pandemic.  We should not be too hard on ourselves; we should be able to find a workaround if things don’t go according to plans.  At siyempre, ‘wag kakalimutang mag-unwind!”

Jenna said that she is lucky to have a life partner who performs the duties that she usually cannot attend to because of the demanding nature of her being a business owner especially during pandemic times.

“Sobrang laking dagok nitong COVID pandemic sa dental clinic ko lalo na at may mga restrictions

at health protocols na dapat i-observe sa daily operations.”

Back to the drawing board

“2020 already happened; we can only move forward with careful planning,” said Arnold, 37.  He almost lost his family’s restaurant because of the perils of the pandemic.  He confessed that he secretly sold a few items in his collection of designer bags in order to obtain additional funding for the business.

“It would be a shame if we lost the business under my turf. But one thing I realized is that I actually have a potential source of funding in the form of a land title.  I was able to purchase a 350 sqm house and lot in Rizal way back in 2014, which I intend to use as collateral for a business loan,” said Arnold adding that he intends to use the funding in innovating the restaurant that he inherited from his parents.

Adapt or perish: Alternative funding solutions

The three entrepreneurs showed us through their own experiences a silver lining in everything that we have all been going through.  Be kind. Choose your battle. Plan to innovate.  Greater things are usually found after surpassing a difficult situation.  The lessons derived from the experiences of these entrepreneurs are applicable to you whether you are an employee or business owner. Remember that you will never run out of options in your goal of recovering from a pandemic and bringing yourself or your business into greater heights.

Whether it’s an existing business or a soon-to-open business, you should know that there are alternative funding solutions for you to consider. Just when banks won’t be considerate in lending you money, there are online lending companies that are capable of giving you good offers.  It all starts with the courage to inquire.

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