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​Securing funds for the dry season via collateral loan

If you are a business owner or part of the management, you are probably not entirely happy during this time of the year. Unless you have ample amounts of financial reserves left, December may not be going well for you. Ballooning expenses such as 13th-month pay and other staple dues, and the low-income season for most businesses due to closing of books, all add to the anxiety about what the upcoming year will offer. In the search for an extra source of funding, why not consider applying for a collateral loan using a land title in the Philippines?

Manufacturing companies

In a March 2020 report published at, research from the Asian Development Bank noted the “chilling effect” of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy, including interruptions on production lines. This poses a lasting impact on small to medium enterprises.

Depending on the type of product that you are producing, December and January may prove to be a challenging time. Regardless, expenses still occur in the form of salaries and wages, supplies, machinery maintenance, and other related items.      

Chances are, you have facilities or equipment that need to be finetuned or you probably need a new one.  You might also need to replenish your inventory. Whatever the case may be, funding is a necessity. Don’t you think it’s more strategic to find the funding as early as now so you are fully geared to implement plans right away once 2021 starts?

Service-oriented companies

For those firms that provide various types of services to their clientele, you will agree that collection is very challenging during the last quarter and the start of the first quarter of the year that follows.  New contracts may not likely be a sustainable source of funding during this time as most companies typically close their books.  Collection from ongoing projects, on the other hand, is also difficult to achieve at this time of the year because similar to your company, your clients also have other expenses to prioritize.

Now, with the imbalance among these variables, one thing is constant–the need for funding.  The drought season may be expected to last until early 2021.  

Opportunity for growth: Fast approval of land title collateral loan

The year 2020 presented seemingly insurmountable challenges for businesses.  But let’s face it.  We can no longer change the fact that we are already immersed in a situation that deserves creative solutions.  That is, turning an unfortunate event into an opportunity for growth.

Several manufacturers have started treading the path towards re-purposing their existing product lines.  The Board of Investments (BOI) is one of the agencies that spearhead in helping manufacturers pave the way to the diversification of their products. Using their existing types of machinery and expertise, manufacturers are catering products that are in-demand during this pandemic time.  Service-oriented companies have also adjusted their ways and means to survive.

You only need one major requirement to secure December funds as well as a starter for 2021: your land title in the Philippines.  If your residential, condominium, or commercial property is located in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, and Tagaytay, your application for a land title collateral loan will have higher chances of getting approved.  

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