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Tipid Tips to always get you through Petsa de Peligro

When we end up short in cash and pay day is still almost a full cutoff away, we can opt to get a fast cash loan online in the Philippines and pay it in installment especially for emergencies; but not every petsa de peligro requires that we need a big sum of money to survive. Sometimes, a little frugality can take us all the way to the next pay day.

Plan Meals

This is one thing that we never realize costs us so much money in the long run. Imagine: you are paying for at least 50php for a lunch meal plus 25php for extra rice—that’s 75php for lunch alone, not counting snacks and milk tea; but if you cook your own lunch, you’re looking at 35-50php per day including snacks and instant powdered milk-tea or what have you, which brings us to the next tipid tip…

Stop Eating Out

We seem to be caught up with thinking that the price of convenience outweighs the value of saving money. The thinking is that instead of spending time cooking, why not conveniently spend money ordering? Well, here’s a price comparison: a “value” meal of 2pc chicken with rice and drink cost somewhere around 160php. A whole chicken from the grocery costs an average of around 180php. Avoiding eating out altogether not only helps you save money, it encourages you to eat better because fresh food from the market is so much cheaper and can make you meals that will last you for days.

Avoid Malls

Since we’re already on the topic of things to avoid, how about trying to avoid malls altogether? Shopping has a therapeutic effect on our psyche so when we are stressed out with petsa de peligro, we desire to shop even though it’s counter intuitive to the problem at hand so to get a dose of therapeutic spending, we borrow from a co-worker or avail of fast cash loan online and think that our purchase will make everything better. In the Philippines, this kind of thinking will only put you in a financial rut. Avoid shopping and if you need to borrow, do so only for emergencies.

Avoid Shopping Apps

If you’re going to avoid malls, avoid shopping apps as well. The satisfaction of purchasing is also as, if not more, potent with it. An unexpected sale can also be overpowering enough to make you forget that you need to cut on costs.

Budget, Budget, Budget

To help you strictly spend money purposefully, make sure to make a list of bills, groceries, planned necessary purchases, savings, emergency funds, etc. Make sure that, every pay day, you put down no less than the allotted budget to each item on your list. Steel yourself and faithfully stick to the list regardless of what seat sale of 11.11 promo is coming up in the future.


If you’re budgeting, part of making sure that your budget is strictly follow to the centavo is accounting for every transaction. It doesn’t matter if you’re paying a scheduled bill or spending or giving 5php to the parking assistant, account for your money no matter how big or small. This way, you get to see how much you spend and what fraction of your activities actually eat up the most of your finances (we’d bet its food).

For the regular Filipino worker, the petsa de peligro is only actually as long, short, or as imaginary as the individual’s ability to properly allocate money. Even a fast cash loan online in the Philippines can be turned into a financial growth opportunity instead of being a liability in the hands of a wise spender.

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